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Hotel Samari Spa Resort: Where Luxury & Serenity Meet!

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Treatments & Massages

Facial (45 minutes)
Receive a touch of life and rejuvenation with our natural facial treatment: we will soften, re-hydrate and rejuvenate all the skin of your face and your soul. With use a perfect, efficient & organic combination of sea algae, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera and jojoba oil. It's very nutritive and rejuvenating.

Comprehensive & Integral Well-being (60 minutes)
For this full-body massage, the application of different massage techniques with natural essential oil will transport you physically, mentally and spiritually to a state of total relaxation and stillness. Relieving knots, accumulated tensions and stress.

Samari Mini-Sauna Individual Box Steam Bath (30 minutes)
This individual mini-sauna box greatly helps to purify, detoxify and activate your blood & energy circulation. It's one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and pure, while maintening a good shape and even loosing weight!

Relaxing Lavender (1 hour 15 minutes)
We use the ancestral healing properties of lavender: soothing warm compresses applied on your entire body followed by a relaxing massage. Stimulates your Chi, your vital energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Aromatic Detoxifying Wrap (1 hour 15 minutes)
One of the best ways to detoxify and cleanse your body. We start with a mini-sauna box steam bath to exfoliate, purify, detofify and sweat, followed by a soft virgin clay wrap. The treatment ends with gentle moisturizing essential oils. Relaxation and health at the same time!

Samari Experience (1 hour 30 minutes)
A full body massage using natural essential oils followed by a refreshing, nurturing and rejuvenating facial. Experience now the highest quality of spa treatment.

Rosemary Renovation (30 minutes)
Hot compresses with natural & organic rosemary offer extraordinary benefits for your health (followed by a sooting and relaxing massage of the back).

Reflexology (45 minutes)
(Re)discover and enjoy the ancestral benefits of the ancient reflexology techniques that stimulate the reflex points of the feet. We begin with hot aromatic compresses and a gentle and smooth body exfoliation with organic Andean salt, to finish with a revitalizing massage.

Salt & Honey (1 hour 45 minutes)
Complete body exfoliation using natural and local mineral salts with pure, organic raw bee honey, followed by a relaxing massage will give your body exactly what it was looking for and expecting.

Taste, Aroma & Color (2 hours)
Colors, aromas and tastes correspond to different vibrations and have a physical, psychological, and emotional influence. The effects they produce are harmonizing and balancing your natural body equilibrium (also known as "homeostasis").

Simply choose the color of a thermal blanket to be used throughout the treatment, including also a full body massage followed by a delightful exfoliation with rich creamy chocolate. Just try it!

Chamomile Caress (2 hours 30 minutes)
With plenty of chamomile flowers, you receive a gentle and sooth body exfoliation followed by an aromatic bath. This treatment continues with a nurturing and rejuvenating facial in addition of a full body massage. Enjoy!

Mountain Purification to Pamper your 5 senses (2 hours 30 minutes)
Purify your mind, body and soul in a healthy and natural way. This is the most complete, benefitial and magical experience of our SPA. This unique package starts with a mini-sauna box steam bath, followed by an exfoliation and warm clay wrap. The treatment then continues with a refreshing and nurturing facial, followed by a relaxing and stillness moment in a warm tub containing a medicinal herbal tea. Then a full body massage completes this wonderful day of pampering your 5 senses, body and soul.

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