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Gourmet Menu

Ecuadorian Gourmet Restaurant "La Casa de Piedra"

Fresh Appetizers

Heart of Palm Ceviche
A delicious recipe with hearts of palm from our Amazon region, submerged in an exquisite orange and tomato sauce topped off with organic virgin olive oil. To accompany the dish, you can choose the follwings: coriander, onions, tomato concasse, pop corn, and toasted corn.

Shrimp Ceviche
Exquisite and typical dish from the Ecuadorian coast with a touch from the "Sierra" (mainland) comprised of fresh shrimps cooked in lime juice, submerged in a delicious orange and tomato sauce perfumed with organic virgin olive oil. To accompany this dish, we suggest the followings: coriander, onions, tomato concasse, pop corn, and toasted corn.

Samari Salad
A variety of fresh lettuce and vegetables served with local and fine cheeses, olives, quail eggs, smoked salmon tartar, crispy bacon, mushrooms and shrimps cooked by using a sauté technique accompanied by organic virgin olive oil house dressing.

Emperor Caesar Salad
The perfect union of fresh roman lettuce with croutons, crispy bacon, parmesan cheese, and portions of chicken with salted shrimps accompanied by a classic anchovies sauce.

Classic Caprese Salad
A classic but delicious combination of fresh tomato with mozzarella, served with basil pesto sauce and sprinkled with balsamic vinegar)

• Artisan Chicken Ham
A delicious combination made up of chicken strips smoked using rosemary and eucalyptus, accompanied by a caprese style drum and honey mustard.

Hot Appetizers

• Crepe a su Elección
Delicate baby spinach leaves stuffed and nettle crepe containing the filling of your choice, served over a mirror Neapolitan sauce).




Mushrooms with spinach and mozzarella cheese

Garlic Shrimp

Fresh and wild-caught shrimps prepared in organic olive oil with olive and spices, accompanied by green banana plantain and French bread.

Poultry Bouillon
Delicious & natural poultry bouillon, supplemented with julienne vegetables cut.

Andean Soup
A very traditional Andean potato soup, served with fresh organic cheese and avocado from our own gardens.

Quinoa Soup
An exquisite appetizing soup from the sierra region of Ecuador, a staple food of one of the most complete gastronomy that exist paired with fresh vegetables and grass-fed organic meat.


Mamma´s Spaghetti
Spaghetti sautéed in clarified butter with fresh vegetables, accompanied with a variety of meat combined with shrimps, sprinkled with spices of the house.

Spaghetti Neapolitan
Spaghetti covered with fresh and home-made tomato sauce, scented with spices and served with parmesan cheese.

Spaghetti Alfredo
Spaghetti covered with delicate creamy sauce accompanied with ham, bacon and a side of parmesan cheese.

Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti “al dente”, along with crisp bacon wrapped in its own natural fat served with a delicate creamy sauce and ground black pepper, accompanied by fresh egg yolk and parmesan cheese.

Spaghetti Pesto
Spaghetti sautéed in the famous recipe for pesto made ​​up of fresh basil leaves, olive oil and pine nuts, served with parmesan cheese.


Trout Maito 

A tasty recipe from our Amazon region, trout wrapped and cooked in fresh leaves with white wine and fresh vegetables, finishing its cooking with gratin cheese, accompanied by cassava and our home-made salad.

Meats and Fowl

Beef Stroganoff 

Beef tips, sautéed with fresh organic vegetables and sauce with creamy tomato, accompanied by potato rosti and glazed vegetables.

Hawaiian Loin 

A splendid combination of beef sirloin alongside caramel pineapple and melted mozzarella cheese accompanied by potatoes passed over hot butter and herbs, vegetables al dente and demi-glace sauce.

Sirloin over Tungurahua Volcanic Rock 

Customize the cook of the beef sirloin to the extent of your choice over a volcanic rock flamed using pure Baños liquor, accompanied by chaucha potatoes, home-made salad, rock aji peppers and chimichurri.

Mix of Meats over Tungurahua Volcanic Rock

Cooked organic beef and pork sirloin, sausage, chicken loin and shrimp over a volcanic rock (plancha), accompanied by chaucha potatoes, home-made salad, rock aji pepper, and chimichurri.

Paila of The House 

Portions of chicken, sausage and pork, seasoned with the recipe of The House, combined with hashbrowns and fresh cheese.

Honey BBQ Pork Ribs 

Pork ribs glazed with honey BBQ sauce, accompanied by French fries, fresh salad, cold sauces and honey BBQ sauce.

Chicken Supreme 

Cooked chicken supreme on the volcanic rock, accompanied by special mashed potatoes, fresh salad, vegetables al dente, rock aji peppers, and chimichurri.

Cordon Bleu 

Chicken supreme filled with ham and Dutch cheese, covered in classic breading with oregano, served over special mashed potatoes, vegetables al dente and Neapolitan sauce.


Chocolate Cake

Cocoa Powder Cake filled with caramel and bathed in 100% Ecuadorian premium chocolate.

Buenos Aires Style Caramel Flan 

The classic Argentinean flan using egg yolk accompanied by caramel and 100% Ecuadorian chocolate ganache.

Figs Jelly with Cheese Cake

Delicious figs jelly in syrup of sugar, served in rose and accompanied with cheese cake.

Seasonal Fruit Mosaic 

Fresh organic fruits according to the season served with fruit coulis, premium yogurt and granola.

Classic New York Cheese Cake 

New York style cheesecake served over a blackberry coulis brushstroke and accompanied by a coulis shot of the same fruit.

Supreme Ice Cream Cup 

A bold trio of natural ice cream, accompanied by whipped cream and served with crisp fresh sheets.

Gourmet Symphony 

A trio of mouth-watering desserts from our own bakery.

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