Letter Snacks


Brunch Samari
? Coffee, tea, black, infusions or chocolate ? Milk ? Natural and flavored yogurt ? Muesli ? Fruit compote ? Various cereals ? Basket of artisan breads ? Tray of ripe, fresh and sausage cheeses ? Eggs of your choice ? Ceviche of the day (shrimp, fish) ? Humitas ? Tamales ? Bolón de verde ? Bacon ? Butter ? Marmalade ? Honey ? Fruit mosaic of the season ? Seasonal fruit juice ? Mote pillo

American Breakfast
? Coffee, black tea, infusions or chocolate ? Butter ? Jam and honey ? Basket of artisan breads ? Mosaic of fresh fruits ? Seasonal fruit juice ? Eggs of your choice ? Ham, smoked bacon and grilled tomato

Continental breakfast ? Varied bread basket from the oven ? House jam and butter ? Tea, coffee, milk or hot chocolate ? Fruit juice from the region


Hot cheese sandwich, French fries, organic salad, dressings

Ham and cheese hot sandwich, french fries, organic salad, dressings

Hamburger of the House; cheddar, bacon, french fries, organic salad, toppings


Frankfurt sausages and dressings

Trunk of mature and fresh cheeses
[div]Humitas (2u)

Tamales (2u)[/div]


Mushrooms, salami, ham, bacon mozzarella cheese, oregano, Neapolitan sauce

Vegetarian pizza, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese


Chocolate cake
With fine cocoa of 100% Ecuadorian aroma, filled with milk delicacy

Banana and walnut cake
Accompanied by blackberry and ice cream

Banana Split
With nuts, granola, whipped cream, and chocolate ganache

Fruit mosaic
Fresh seasonal fruits accompanied with granola and yogurt

Samari-style classic cheesecake
Cottage cheese cake served with blackberry syrup of the region

Candy flan in the Samari style
Traditional family recipe based on egg yolks, accompanied by the richest milk dish

Gourmet Symphony
Tasting of exquisite desserts from our bakery

Sweet figs
Cooked in cane honey, served with soft cheese


Expresso, American Coffee, Painted Coffee, Black Tea, Infusions, Grandma's Chocolate, Capuccino Mocaccino


? Orange ? Strawberry ? Watermelon ? Tree tomato ? Papaya
? Babaco ? Blackberry ? Melon ? Naranjilla ? Lemonade
? Water ? National beer